Community development program

Directly or through local partners, WISE works with communities to address their WASH priorities. By emphasising active participation and collective action, we encourage communities to take ownership of their needs and decisions.

A resident of Phnom Village analyses the roles of men and women when doing community and household tasks

Phnom sanitation project, Cambodia
Phnom Village has the lowest access to sanitation in their commune. Over 70 of the village’s 101 households do not have a latrine. WISE is working with Neakpoan Organization for Development (NOD) to improve sanitation and hygiene practices, starting with a latrine construction subsidy scheme for poor households. We launched a pilot with 5 households in July 2018 and are currently monitoring the progress of repayments as well as latrine use and maintenance. Donate to help cover the costs of this project!

More information

  • Pilot subsidy scheme launch activity report, Oct 2018: English
  • Project planning activity report, Oct 2017: English / Khmer
  • Needs assessment report, Jun-Dec 2016: English / Khmer

Tapon drought project, Cambodia
When WISE visited Boeung Tim and Svay Sar Villages in August 2016, their river had been dry for 2 years. WISE and partner Development Association Resource Economic (DARE) had planned to start the needs assessment in November 2017, but DARE was unexpectedly shut down by the Ministry of Interior. Executive Director My Hy Sros has now registered a new non-governmental organisation, Community Training Organization for Development, and the team is in the process of designing the needs assessment plan.

Moving forward
In Indonesia, WISE is developing new projects in Flores, Palembang and Bangka Belitung. If you are based in any of these locations, consider supporting us as a partner or volunteer.

To empower more people to start projects in their own communities, WISE will be creating a platform that provides the WISE family with guidelines and mentoring on initiating, developing, and implementing community development projects.

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